Vegan Red Onion Gravy

Vegan Red Onion Gravy

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I saw this recipe on my approved cooking gurus’s YouTube channel, “Sam the Cooking Man”.  But it undoubtedly used to be loaded with butter, oil, and beef broth.  Properly….. since I’m Chuck the I Gotta Get hold of This More fit Man…I knew I’d wish to ranking about a modifications if I needed to try it.  And with that –  I come up with my model of Vegan Red Onion Gravy.

And it be magnificent darn correct too.

vegan crimson onion gravy

Moderately about a other folks have asked me how I reach up with my recipes.   Properly right here is one example.

If I stare something that looks correct, whether or no longer it be Vegan or no longer, I will play with it and take a look at to ranking it more healthy.  So seeing how I genuinely love gravy, I knew I was going to wish to model that.

So thanks to Sam the Cooking Man for the inspiration to veganize this recipe.  You’re going to be in a location to take into legend his video right here….

Changing the butter and oil used to be straightforward, because we are in a position to without negate sauté (and yes, even caramelize) greens without it.  And while you allow all that chubby out of the equation, what you’re left with is magnificent pure veggie goodness, because the REAL flavor of those sweetened Red Onions reach thru.  Yum!

Subsequent used to be the meat broth that will per chance well per chance without negate be subbed with an correct Veggie Stock.  And the comfort, as they are saying, is history.

Now I know someone is going to demand within the event that they’ll sub out the crimson wine for something else… are going to most undoubtedly try, nevertheless in this explicit recipe the crimson wine imparts this kind of distinct flavor to the overall gravy….it merely might well moreover no longer be the equal.

With the holidays magnificent around the nook, I will without negate stare this on the dinner table, ladled onto piping sizzling baked potatoes, or per chance a lentil meatloaf.

Om my gosh, please trail the Potato Rolls!

I’m hoping you want this one….I know I determined did.

Let’s drag ranking some gravy!

Vegan Red Onion Gravy

vegan crimson onion gravy 2
Vegan Red Onion Gravy | Fee Current Vegan

Commence with 2 huge Red Onions.  Decrease off the ends and peel off that arduous outer pores and skin, and cube them to whatever size you settle on to have.  I diced mine magnificent miniature, nevertheless you ranking love longer strips of onion to your gravy….your preference.

Commence heating up a huge skillet and dump to your onions.  They are able to beginning up to sizzle and soften all by themselves, so none of that butter or oil is wanted.

The important to caramelizing onions without oil, is to magnificent be patient.  This can steal an correct Half-hour or longer ahead of they’re ready –  nevertheless model no longer drag anyplace – generally you positively’ll are making an strive to tear them up a itsy-bitsy so that they model no longer burn.

They WILL stick some, that’s anticipated.  But all those browned bits caught to the pan are plump of flavor, and we will deglaze the pan later so no worries.

When the onions have significantly reduced in size, and have became a golden brown in areas, and are in overall becoming a huge pile of mush……  drag ahead and pour in a itsy-bitsy of veggie broth….magnificent to loosen up this browned bits I discussed earlier.

Now sprinkle on 2 tablespoons of flour and mix well.  Preserve stirring and mixing that flour into the onions for an correct minute or two after which we will add 1 cup of Red Wine, and 1 cup of Low Sodium Veg Broth.

Flip up the warmth to med-excessive and presents that an correct tear.  Get hold of certain and predicament up something else that used to be caught to the bottom of the pan. Add 2 tablespoons of Low Sodium Soy Sauce, and 1 tablespoon of Dijon Mustard, plus 1-2 more teaspoons.  I former 2 plump tablespoons and I judge it used to be a itsy-bitsy valuable….

That is it.  Salt and Pepper to model and protect stirring until it thickens.

Simmer until it gets to the consistency you want and serve.

Be pleased the photos on Instagram….copy me by placing within the hashtag #brandnewvegan.  Be pleased the total feedback on Fb too so protect them coming.

I received one other Vacation Recipe planned for this weekend, so we will stare then you positively.




vegan crimson onion gravy 2

Vegan Red Onion Gravy

  • Author: Chuck Underwood

  • Class: Vacation

  • Delicacies: American


This Vegan Red Onion Gravy will undoubtedly be the hit of the ranking together. A prosperous, flavorful gravy finest for ladling over fluffy baked potatoes, or that Vacation Lentil Loaf.

  • 2 huge Red Onions ((diced))
  • 2 Tbs Flour
  • 1 cup Red Wine ((whatever you want))
  • 1 cup Vegetable Broth ((low sodium))
  • 2 Tbs Soy Sauce ((low sodium))
  • 1 Tbs Dijon Mustard ((plus 2 tsp additional))
  • 1 lag Salt & Pepper ((to model))

Pause your cloak from going darkish


  1. Cube Onions and add to a heated skillet.
  2. Saute over medium warmth for about Half-hour, until Onions have reduced in size and have begun to stay to the pan. They wish to be a itsy-bitsy browned by now.
  3. Add up to ¼ cup of Veg Broth to loosen onions from pan, scraping up any browned bits off the bottom as you tear.
  4. Sprinkle 2 Tbs Flour over gravy and mix well.  Allow to simmer for 1-2 minutes whereas continuously stirring.
  5. Add Veg Broth and Red Wine.  Lengthen warmth to med-excessive and tear to mix well.
  6. Add Soy Sauce and Dijon and tear to consist of.
  7. Proceed stirring until gravy thickens.  Decrease warmth and simmer to desired consistency.


Long-established Recipe Date:  November 15, 2017.

Impressed by Sam the Cooking Man

Pointers are continuously welcome and liked!


This Vegan Red Onion Gravy will undoubtedly be the hit of the ranking together. A prosperous, flavorful gravy finest for ladling over fluffy baked potatoes, or that Vacation Lentil Loaf.

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