Vegan Candy Potato Pancakes

Vegan Candy Potato Pancakes

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Who would not tackle pancakes?!? There are so many potentialities to play with this seemingly easy dessert. My vegan candy potato pancakes is a absolute most reasonable instance of that.

A sizable stack of vegan candy potato pancakes with a scoop of ice cream

Likely your kids will grimace after they hear that you just are striking vegetables of their dessert however will quickly alternate their minds at the first bite of this dish.

Candy potatoes is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can possess unheard of savoury dishes such as candy potato gnocchi. Even even though they’re known as candy potatoes, they’re now not in most cases extinct for cakes, which is a pity. One of my favourite dishes is vegan candy potato pancakes.

Despite the defective of candy potatoes, they’ve a delicate and fluffy consistency. The vital batter could fair be flavoured to suit the topping of your desire. You must per chance even inspire them in a savoury vogue with salty with salty toppings.

Making pancakes with the Zyliss Delicate Blend Mixer and Dispenser

The secret within the back of these unbelievable vegan candy potato pancakes is the Zyliss Delicate Blend Mixer and Dispenser. All of us, or so I’m hoping, attempted making pancake batter that grew to became out lumpy and too dense. With the Zyliss Delicate Blend Mixer and Dispenser you could per chance kiss these complications goodbye for valid!

The Zyliss Delicate Blend Mixer and dispenser is a ground breaking product for all pancake followers available. The distinctive mixing head with prongs makes the batter ultra soft and free from any lumps.

Moreover, the mixer has easy to read measurement markings in millilitres. It even has fragment suggestions, making it more uncomplicated than ever to mix the absolute most reasonable batter for crepes and pancakes.

The non-scramble defective affords you peace of mind, shimmering the system is now not going to scramble off the kitchen counter accidentally.

Formulation to create vegan candy potato pancakes

The in-built dispenser makes portioning the pancake batter onto the pan incredibly easy. The dispenser is drip free so that you just steer clear of constructing a large quantity within the kitchen.

Furthermore, the Delicate Blend Mixer dismantles with out tell and the final parts are dishwasher compile, so orderly up is performed with in no time the least bit. It even has a 5 year guarantee, could fair silent anything walk unhealthy with it.

This map lets you with out tell whip up a batch of pancakes in no time the least bit. Are trying it out subsequent Sunday and likewise you acquire a stack of savory pancakes in much less than 30 minutes!

That is now not the supreme system Zyliss produces. As shown within the photo above they’ve a differ of different merchandise readily available. Its non-stick frying pan, Does It All Spatula, and Easy Pull Meals Processor helped create this recipe a doddle.

the supreme solution to create vegan candy potato pancakes

The defective of the vegan candy potato pancakes is a candy potato mash. In repeat to create the pancake batter, the latter desires to be tantalizing upfront and frigid down sooner than mixing with the different map.

On the beginning look that could sound a exiguous tedious and time spicy. Then again, it’s some distance fully an unheard of procedure to make consume of leftover candy potato mash from the night time sooner than. What could be higher than turning dreary leftovers into a savory treat?

A clear zyliss soft blend machine

The variation between worn pancake batter and this one is that it’s some distance completely vegan. The build worn batter contains milk and eggs to accumulate the consistency correct, the vegan candy potato pancakes acquire none of that.

Rather then same outdated milk I even acquire extinct almond milk because the fluid. Except for being completely vegan, almond milk has the additional profit of getting a savory, a exiguous bit candy flavour.

That makes almond milk an unheard of desire for cakes. As an instance, I also extinct almond milk in my dairy free waffles.

Depending what you desire, you could per chance create worn thin pancakes or crepes, or you could per chance create microscopic however thick American-vogue pancakes. Don’t be shy to play around with the sizing and create one thing in between if it suits you higher.

The blender with a plate of pancakes subsequent to it

Diversifications on vegan candy potato pancakes

You must per chance in actual fact place all kinds of flavour into the batter itself. I even acquire extinct vanilla essence in this recipe, because it affords a absolute most reasonable defective to the great thing about the almond milk.

Then again, you could per chance also add spices to give it grand extra flavour. Whenever you could per chance be taking a look for customary dessert flavours, cinnamon and nutmeg are unheard of ideas. Freshly grated lemon zest or orange zest will also liven up the straightforward pancakes.

Whenever you can indulge in to make consume of the pancakes for a savoury dish, you could per chance consume soy milk as a replacement of almond milk, and leave out the vanilla essence.

A shut up of folder vegan candy potato pancakes stuffed with peaches and walnuts

What to inspire with candy potato pancakes

On this recipe I served the candy potato pancakes with cinnamon sugar, unique orange slices, syrup, pecans and vegan ice cream. It appears to be like to be like ultimate-making an try and tastes unbelievable. Improbable in repeat so that you just can inspire a restaurant quality dessert for your company.

Now not greatest are you able to inspire this restaurant quality dessert to your company, however your kids would tackle it for brunch on weekends too. Within the latter’s case some unique fruits are a monumental addition to the candy potato pancakes.

Unusual strawberries, blueberries or raspberries are all savory toppings for pancakes. I indulge in to make consume of whatever is in season, on the opposite hand, you could per chance also consume extra exotic fruits such as pineapple or banana.

vegan candy potato pancakes on a long plate

Alternatively you could per chance preserve it completely easy, and inspire the pancakes American-vogue in immediate stack, sopping wet with maple syrup. Straightforward and sinfully savory. Let me know what your favourite pancake topping is, please portion a comment below!

A high stack of vegan candy potato pancakes with peaches and a scoop of ice cream in top

Savoury candy potato pancakes

By omitting the vanilla essence, and per chance replacing the almond milk with soy milk you could per chance flip this recipe into a savoury dish. As an instance, you could per chance create microscopic semi-thin pancakes and fake they’re taco wraps.

A moving filling of beef or rooster blended with unique salad will work well. Whenever you can indulge in to stick to vegan you could per chance create a vegetable filling, such as roasted mushrooms or a classic primavera with carrots, courgettes and bell peppers roasted in a pan.

Possess a play and let me know what you come up with!

What’s your favourite pancake recipe?


Vegan Candy Potato Pancakes


When you create these vegan candy potato pancakes, you can by no procedure walk back to the worn pancakes. This recipe could fair be grew to became into a savoury dish too. Ride!

  • 500ml (2 cups) almond milk
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) cooked candy potato mash
  • 375ml (1 1/2 cup) flour
  • 5ml (1 tsp) baking powder
  • 2.5ml (1/2 tsp) vanilla essence

Prevent your show from going darkish


  1. Set up the final map in Zyliss Delicate Blend Mixer and Dispenser and continue mixing till the batter is soft.
  2. Warmth a frying pan and wipe with (vegetable) oiled kitchen paper.
  3. Pour one fragment of pancake batter within the pan and swirl it around the pan to create an even layer.
  4. After about 30 seconds, flip the pancake around.
  5. Give the different aspect one more 30 seconds to cook dinner sooner than lifting it out of the pan and atmosphere it aside.
  6. Continue the approach till the final batter is extinct up.
  7. Attend heat along with your favourite candy or savoury toppings or retailer within the fridge for up to 2 days.


  • You must per chance create same outdated crepes with this recipe or play with sizes and create a microscopic American-vogue pancake stack.
  • You must per chance change almond milk with coconut milk.
  • On this recipe I served the pancake with cinnamon sugar, unique orange slices, pecans, syrup and vegan ice cream.
  • Any create of candy potato will work in this recipe.

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook dinner Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Dessert
  • Cuisine: American

Weight loss program

  • Serving Measurement: 1 serving
  • Calories: 373
  • Sugar: 6.2 g
  • Sodium: 14 mg
  • Elephantine: 21.5 g
  • Saturated Elephantine: 18.5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 41.2 g
  • Fiber: 4.1 g
  • Protein: 6.4 g

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