Boneless Pork Chops

Boneless Pork Chops

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General, I’m now not a big fan of pork, unless it is already processed (bacon,sausage,ham..)..

That acknowledged, I Loved the flavor of this, as did my 11 y/o stepson ( my husband cherished the 1/3 pork chop that he purchased to try – my step son genuinely cherished these.. ). I did add some garlic salt and onion powder, in conjunction with a smidge of smoked paprika ( we indulge in very seasoned foods ).
My simplest recount became as soon as the tenderness, or pretty, the shortcoming thereof – Hence simplest 4 stars. Subsequent time I scheme it ( yes, there shall be a subsequent time ), I’ll try beating my pork chops into submission with a meat tenderizer, and letting the meat “Relaxation” for a small after it is cooked ( gotta admire Alton Brown :o). I’m now not all that conscious of the model pork cooks, so I’m particular that became as soon as segment of it too.
Thanks for the recipe :o)

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