Oven Kalua Pork Recipe – Easy Model of Hawaii Shredded Pork

Oven Kalua Pork Recipe – Easy Model of Hawaii Shredded Pork

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Bring the kind of Hawaii residence with this easy to plot oven Kaua Pork recipe.

What’s Kalua Pork or Kalua Pig?

For folk that aren’t conversant in kalua (ka-leisure room bog-ah) pork, it’s the Hawaiian manner to put collectively dinner a whole pig within the floor for sizable gatherings or luaus.  Historically, the pig is cooked in an underground pit, known as an imu (e-moo). On the other hand, since I’m no longer cooking a whole pig and an imu requires me to dig a gap within the yard, I’ll fragment with you an oven manner to put collectively dinner kalua pig the use of a pork butt.

This cooking preparation has total seasonings and lets the pork type shine through. Undoubtedly, the pork is palatable on its have, however it is likely you’ll per chance per chance also add other ingredients to the leftovers (we incessantly maintain leftovers) and plot a whole unusual dish. You might want to add cabbage (pork & cabbage – one other Hawaii favourite), plot BBQ pulled pork sandwiches,  stuff quesadillas, add to soups, and extra.

Ingredients for Kalua Pork

  • Banana leaves – I’ve no longer too long within the past viewed a great deal of kalua pork recipes pop up on the web for Instapot or varied other systems, however there’s one most fundamental converse with nearly all these recipes…they don’t use banana leaves. Here’s mandatory for giving the kalua pork type and may per chance well per chance no longer be skipped. Banana leaves can be found in Asian markets, Ralphs grocery stores, and in most cases within the Walmart frozen piece. They are most ceaselessly frozen flat, so it’s easy to miss ought to you aren’t buying for it. In the occasion it is likely you’ll per chance per chance’t catch banana leaves, use hundreds banana skins (leaves are better).
  • Liquid Smoke – This would per chance add some smoky type to the meat and may per chance well per chance no longer be skipped. Exhaust mesquite liquid smoke.
  • Hawaiian Salt or Sea Salt – Function no longer change usual salt. Exhaust sizable granule Hawaiian or sea salt.

Easy be taught how to Originate Oven Kalua Pig

Let’s start up…

Line baking pan with foil for kalua pig
Line baking pan with foil.

Step 1. Line your roasting pan with foil. The pork will release a great deal of liquids and this would per chance per chance also plot trim-up loads more uncomplicated.

Defrost banana leaves
Defrost banana leaves

Step 2. Rob the frozen banana leaves and rinse below water to melt. Train: You may per chance well additionally catch frozen banana leaves at most Asian markets. In the occasion it is likely you’ll per chance per chance’t receive banana leaves, devour some bananas and use the peels on high of the pork. Peels received’t give it comparatively the linked type, however it is a tight change.*

Teach banana leaves in pan so this may per chance occasionally hang over vertically.
horizontal banana leaves
Teach banana leaves over vertical leaves so it overhangs horizontally.

Step 3. Teach the damp banana leaves within the pan in a dreadful pattern. Leave ample of the leaves putting over the aspects to be in a jam to wrap across the pork (mediate present wrapping). You might want to like this moisture to abet steam the pork.

Originate criss dreadful cuts into pork butt.
Criss-dreadful lower on plump side of the pork butt.

Step 4. Prick a 1/4″ deep criss-dreadful pattern in all places the pork. Space cuts roughly 1″ apart.

Add sea salt to pork butt
Add Hawaii salt to pork butt on every side.

Step 5. Sprinkle sea salt in all places the pork and rub it in. Originate certain that every side of the pork butt is salted.

Apply liquid smoke onto the pork butt for kalua pork type
Pour liquid smoke over pork butt.

Step 6. Pour liquid smoke on the pork and rub it in.

Bring banana leaves over to quilt the pork butt.

Step 7. Wrap the banana leaves over pork.

Quilt the baking pan with foil sooner than putting it within the oven.

Step 8. Quilt pan with foil and speak in a 400F stage oven for one hour. After one hour, tumble the oven temperature to 275F levels and put collectively dinner for one other 4 hours 30 minutes to 5hrs.

Chilly down kalua pig.

Step 9. When done, let the pork sit down for 30 minutes to chill down a cramped sooner than shredding.

Shred kalua pork with fork.
Transfer kalua pork to a container to give your self extra room to shred the pork.

Step 10. After 30 minutes, start up shredding the pork. It’ll also still shred with out converse the use of two forks. I most ceaselessly rob the pork out in chunks and shred it in one other container.

Originate salt water for kalua pig
Originate salt water with kalua pig pan drippings.

Step 11. As soon as the pork is shredded, there’ll most likely be a great deal of liquid (plump) within the pan. Rob about a tablespoons (3-5 T.) and spoon onto your shredded pork. This would per chance abet protect the pork moist and may per chance well per chance add encourage about a of the salt/liquid smoke type.

Add pan dripping and extra sea salt to a pot to plot salt water for the kalua pork.

Step 12. Heat water and sea salt on the stove till the salt is dissolved.  Rob about a spoonfuls and mix into the shredded pork to your type. Here’s appropriate so as to add extra salt type OR it is likely you’ll per chance per chance appropriate use the salted pan drippings. Honest appropriate spoon about a of the salty pan drippings onto the pork so as to add moisture and salt type as vital.

What to support with kalua pork?

Oven Kalua Pork Recipe

I wish to devour kalua pig with Lomi Lomi salmon salad and poi, however it isn’t something that I will with out converse catch in Southern California. And since my children prefer rice over poi, I support it plate lunch vogue with rice and macaroni salad.

In the occasion you would in point of fact like a type of Hawaii with out breaking a sweat, I am hoping you give this recipe a strive to let me know the manner you adore it. Essentially, I’ve made up our minds to devote the leisure of the month to about a extra favourite Hawaii recipes. So please check those out too!


  • 5-6 lb pork butt

  • 2 -3 T. Hawaiian salt or sea salt

  • 2 T. liquid smoke (Kiawe or Mesquite)

  • 1-2 banana leaves*

  • 2 cups water + 2 T. Hawaiian salt

  • 3-5 T. of pork liquid left in pan


*4-5 banana peels can be substituted for the leaves, however the leaves give a remarkable better type and may per chance well per chance effectively be primitive if yow will stumble on them in your native Asian market. You like to be in a jam to search out the leaves within the frozen piece.

  • You might want to plot this in a crock pot on low for 6.5 hours, however I prefer the oven manner. The kalua pork appropriate appears to shred better when it is done within the oven.

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