Gluten Free And Vegan Fig Newtons

Gluten Free And Vegan Fig Newtons

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Fig newtons seem to be all people’s childhood accepted. In particular my husband’s. I made a batch of do-it-yourself, gluten free fig newtons this weekend and he ate the cookies so quick that I had to cloak some for company.

What makes these minute fig newtons so special? Correctly, I’m steered they style cherish the real teach. And besides, now not just like the common, they kind no longer have any white flour, white sugar or man made flavors. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and naturally sweetened, making them a most inviting contend with for lawful about anyone –collectively with these on the GFCF food design.

Not too long ago, a range of fogeys were eager with me concerning the GFCF food design. Thru these correspondences I were launched to TACA, in addition to Jenny McCarthy’s memoir about her son, Louder Than Words, by which she discusses her dawdle to heal her son’s autism.

I’m gratified to have encountered this strongly networked crew of fogeys and to provide GFCF recipes such because the one below that offer fun meals for the complete family.


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  • Notify figs in a meals processor and blend for 30 seconds till they’re neatly chopped

  • Add lemon juice and vanilla; direction of till a tender paste outcomes

  • In a orderly bowl, mix almond flour and salt

  • In a cramped bowl, mix agave, yacon, grapeseed oil and vanilla

  • Mix moist ingredients into dry, then refrigerate dough for 1 hour

  • Divide chilled dough into 4 design

  • Between 2 pieces of parchment paper, roll out 1 fragment of the dough into a 10 x 4 creep rectangle, ¼ creep thick

  • Unfold ¼ of the filling evenly down the lawful facet (lengthwise) of the rectangle

  • Fold the dough in half down the long facet –leading to a 10 x 2 creep bar

  • “Mend” the seam so the bar is symmetrical

  • Repeat with 3 ultimate design of dough and filling

  • Switch every bar to a parchment paper lined baking sheet; bake at 350°F for 10-15 minutes

  • Allow to chill a minute bit; decrease bar every 2 inches to make the fig newtons

  • Inspire

Prep Time 10 minutes

Fridge Time 1 hour

Cook dinner Time 10 minutes

Entire Time 1 hour 20 minutes

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