Sweet-and-Bitter Fish Mini Smorrebrod (Smorrebrod med Stegte Fisk i Eddike)

Sweet-and-Bitter Fish Mini Smorrebrod (Smorrebrod med Stegte Fisk i Eddike)
Sweet-and-Bitter Fish Mini Smorrebrod (Smorrebrod med Stegte Fisk i Eddike)

How to Form Veggie & Hummus Sandwich


A veggie and hummus sandwich makes a great fiber-prosperous, packable lunch. Here is our ordinary formula plus about a adaptations to jazz it up.

1) The Bread


We make a selection on the nutty flavor and fiber-boosting advantages of entire-grain bread for our veggie and hummus sandwich. We make a selection on nation bread or bread with a firm crust over sandwich bread which has a softer texture, nonetheless both will work.

2) The Spreads


We utilize each hummus and mashed avocado as spreads for our sandwich. They motivate preserve the veggies in predicament and also construct a barrier between the bread and the veggies that helps prevent the bread from getting soggy. Whenever you occur to originate now not comprise avocado, you would possibly well also double up on the hummus or try whipped cream cheese (both straightforward or mixed with basil or sundried tomato pesto). Correct be obvious to unfold whatever you’re the utilize of over each slices of the bread. It is most likely you’ll well presumably utilize ordinary hummus, or try a flavored hummus of your alternative.

3) The Veggies


We preserve our sandwich straightforward by along with salad greens, shredded carrot, cucumber and red bell pepper, nonetheless that is correct scratching the bottom! Strive along with spinach, sprouts, sliced red onion, sliced tomato, broccoli slaw, thinly sliced radish and delicate contemporary herbs treasure cilantro or basil. Briny ingredients treasure banana peppers and pickles are correct too, nonetheless rob into story that they’ll also add sodium. Strive and preserve your adaptations straightforward and pick 3-4 veggies rather then piling on the overall originate aisle. Moist ingredients treasure sliced tomatoes must be patted dry to do away with extra moisture earlier than along with to the sandwich.

Can I Form Veggie & Hummus Sandwich Forward?


Yes! This sandwich (or any variation of it) makes a the truth is perfect packable lunch. To form it forward, assemble and refrigerate the sandwich for as much as four hours or pack in a moveable air-tight container with a cooler pack for taking to work or college.

Extra reporting by Hilary Meyer

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