“Riso Freddo” {Italian Rice Salad}

“Riso Freddo” {Italian Rice Salad}

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“Riso Freddo” {Italian Rice Salad}

Photo by Ambra Torelli
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Italian meals has many classics which will likely be worldly renown, and heaps extra traditions which will likely be as an different unknown to the heaps, essentially because they are largely home cooked dishes that one would never acquire in a restaurant.Let’s rob “Riso Freddo” to illustrate. This identical outdated Italian Rice Salad, that’s naturally gluten free,is a must for every Italian in the period between June and September. It’s most seemingly a few of the eaten meals at the beach, all over picnics, and at the same time as a fleet however elegant lunch at home.In particular when there are change of us at the table (and you realize Italians cherish that stuff…), a yummy Rice Salad is always the becoming bet to feed them one thing elegant with out being concerned too great about it getting overcooked, gentle or frigid.The varietal of rice I desire to utilize for this salad, “parboiled”, has been in part boiled in the husk.This course of alters the nature of the starch, and it makes the graininess sticky and extra separate when cooked. Moreover, because this rice salad is supposed to be eaten frigid, you would also retailer in the fridge for as much as about a days and expertise it in the occasion you cherish to devour a enjoyable snack!Since in Italy Riso Freddo is so in vogue, we devour many brands that present seasoning for it: jars of blended cocktail vegetables known as “Condiriso”. Even in the occasion you don’t devour access to them, this Italian rice salad is totally easy to contrivance and with this fleet and easy recipe you would also defend assured you’ll positioned on the table a elegant summery dish that any Italian could per chance be at ease with!As you would also take into consideration, there are a million methods to space up Riso Freddo and every Italian family makes their accept as true with Rice Saladin their accept as true with private system.

Experiment with the substances and discover your authorized combinations too! I will’t wait to high-tail attempting what you approach up with and I am infected to hear your feedback on this recipe! Did you realize it turned into as soon as one in every of a few of the in vogue Italian summer dishes?!

Un bacio!!

Ambra —Ambra Torelli


  • 250 grams

    Parboiled Rice

  • ¼ teaspoons

    Saffron (optional)

  • 120 grams

blended pickled Greens

  • ½ objects

    of Green Peas

  • 1 half

    handful Cherry Tomatoes

  • 4 tablespoons


  • 4 tablespoons

    Sunless Olives, chopped

  • 300 grams

    Wild Tuna in Olive Oil

  • ½ cups

    stalk of Celery

  • 1 half

    handful of Basil

  • 4 tablespoons


  • 1 pinch

    Himalayan Salt

  • 1 pinch

    Sunless Pepper,

  • 1 cup

    Additional Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Cook the rice in boiling water (it will also clean rob about 15 to 20 minutes, counting on the vogue of rice you use), rigidity it and cross it below frigid water in yell to chill it and transfer it in a bowl. In case you attain wish so as to add the saffron, mix it in at this level.
  2. In a nice bowl mix together the total substances for the seasoning. Race smartly and pour the rice over it, mixing thoroughly.
  3. Carried out! It is seemingly you’ll per chance be in a location to either expertise this dish lawful away (when clean lukewarm) or let it cold down totally and motivate it frigid.

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