Flooring Beef & Pasta Skillet

Flooring Beef & Pasta Skillet

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How to Create Flooring Beef & Pasta Skillet

This one-skillet ground pork and pasta recipe makes a colossal easy dinner. Here’s how you develop it:

Cook dinner the Beef and Mushrooms

We launch by cooking lean ground pork, finely chopped mushrooms and diced onion in a mammoth skillet in a bit of of bit of oil. Broad skillets are preferrred for recipes love this, as they’ve the capacity to prepare dinner the substances with out overcrowding the pan. When the issue of 90% lean ground pork, there is terribly minute full, that approach that you just do not favor to empty it earlier than engaging on to your next step.

Cook dinner the Pasta

The tomato sauce, water, Worcestershire, Italian seasoning, salt and garlic powder are added subsequent and are cooked within the flavors of the pork and mushrooms. Then the pasta is added and dropped at a boil. Quilt the skillet with a lid, and decrease the warmth. Be sure you make issue of a first price-fitting lid to be definite the moisture and heat stays in the end of the skillet to prepare dinner the pasta thru. Cook dinner except the pasta is soft and a couple of of the liquid is absorbed.

Lift out the Dish

We sprinkle the pasta with shredded additional-inviting Cheddar cheese and quilt it except the cheese is melted, then garnish with chopped fresh basil to attain the dish. We love this combination of flavors, but if truth be told be at liberty to experiment! Shredded mozzarella cheese, provolone or Asiago would possibly well be colossal substitutes for the Cheddar cheese.

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