Sausage-Kale Breakfast Strata

Sausage-Kale Breakfast Strata

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I love make-forward breakfast casseroles, moreover identified as strata, moreover identified as Breakfast Bread Pudding, moreover identified as I Don’t Care What It’s Called, I Factual Need to Eat It. There are thousands of diversifications on the theme: Combine chunks or slices of bread with your preference of ingredients, then pour an egg combination over the cease, refrigerate in a single day whenever you happen to might possibly, and bake. And the realm without warning makes ultimate sense again.

I made a trim quantity of a breakfast strata moral sooner than Christmas, and it distress up being satisfactory for an navy. Here is the paunchy recipe, however you might possibly presumably well without be troubled halve it whenever you happen to moral need about a servings. And essentially be at liberty to sub irrespective of ingredients that you might possibly possibly indulge in on hand: bacon, ham, various cheeses, caramelized onions, red peppers…indulge in fun making your have.

However most of all, indulge in fun ingesting it.

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The Solid of Characters: Breakfast sausage, crusty bread, eggs, half of-and-half of, kale, mushrooms, salt, pepper, Monterey Jack cheese, and fresh oregano whenever you happen to might possibly earn it.

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First, roast the mushrooms by placing them on a baking sheet…

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Then sticking the pan in a 425-450 stage oven for 15 or 20 minutes, till they’re nice and roasted.

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Don’t be love me. I forgot about them till they had been crisp. Oops.

At this time I will decline to display you the oyster mushrooms I moreover roasted and forgot about. Scariest having a peep things I’ve ever seen.

However I modified into once now no longer going to be thwarted.

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Subsequent, hotfoot the kale into trim pieces and rinse it essentially smartly.

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Then throw it correct into a trim skillet with a bit olive over over medium-excessive warmth.

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Transfer it round with tongs till the kale begins to shrink up, moral about 2 minutes or so. Then rob away it from the pan and region aside.

Kale is peaceable my boyfriend. We’re solely hot and heavy for the time being.

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Subsequent, cook dinner up the sausage patties…

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Rob away them from the pan and let them chilly…

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Then reduce it into cubes.

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Subsequent up, rob the oregano (otherwise you might possibly presumably well employ parsley, basil…irrespective of you might possibly presumably well earn dazzling now)…

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Then mince it essentially finely and region it aside.

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Grab the bread and crop it correct into a dice, then region it aside…

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And grate the cheese and region it aside.

Whew. We moral region a range of things aside! I’m exhausted.

Roasted mushrooms

Sauteed kale

Diced sausage

Minced oregano

Cubed bread

Grated cheese

Oh! And one other thing:

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Combine a bunch of eggs with some half of-and-half of or milk…

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Then sprinkle in some salt…

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And some pepper.

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Then slump it all collectively and add in the minced oregano.

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And slump it to combine. Yum!

And *sniff sniff* YUM. Smells so, so moral.

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Now it’s time to style the sucker. Add half of the bread to a trim, buttered casserole dish (I outdated a lasagna pan because I’m making so powerful.) Then lay half of the kale on high.

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Then add half of the mushrooms. Yours will peep powerful better than mine.

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Subsequent, add half of the sausage.

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Then comes half of the cheese…

Then you repeat your total layers, ending with cheese. It’ll potentially be sticking up over the surface of the pan, however that’s an moral thing. It conveys abundance!

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After you earn the 2d layer on, moral pour the egg combination all the device in which thru the cease, pouring it on as evenly as that you might possibly presumably well mediate of.

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Creep kinda dreary, as you want the egg combination to contact your total bread, both on the cease and bottom layers.

Then, right here’s what you attain: Quilt it in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge. For optimistic, you might possibly presumably well bake it dazzling away (I did for the purposes of this submit) and that is susceptible to be solely delish. However whenever you happen to preserve it in the fridge in a single day and bake it the next day, that’ll give the bread yet one more to essentially absorb the eggy goodness and on your total flavors to marry and dwell fortunately ever after.

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To bake it, quilt it in foil and bake it in a 350 stage oven for 30 to 40 minutes, that will give the egg/bread yet one more to cook dinner. Then rob away the foil and continue cooking it for 20 to 25 minutes, to allow the cease to earn nice and crisp and nice. And that’s the glory of a dish love this: the cease surface is good and golden brown and crisp, however the underside is soft and soft.

I made this about a weeks previously and now I’m craving it again. I want to quit talking about it. It’s causing me trouble.

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And…yum. To serve it, moral scoop it out onto a plate (or crop it into natty squares whenever you happen to’re a natty sq. kinda individual) and serve it with grapes or other chilly, fresh fruit.

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Divine! A breakfast fit for a king…and satisfactory to feed an navy.

(And moral to remind you: you might possibly presumably well without be troubled halve this recipe!)

Revel in, my guests.

Here’s the to hand dandy printable:

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